April 8
April 8, 1988- The day that forever changed my life......I visited the Wall.  I was 21 years old and 2 days.  I had outlived my father, SGT. EDDIE E CHERVONY by 5 days.  As a matter of fact, the 20th anniversary of his death was just around the corner, on May 5.
    That day I visited Panel 55E Line 6.  I remember approaching the Memorial from the East end.  The Wall to me was "THE LINE" that is all I could associate myself.  I made a rubbing for myself and one for my grandmother, my dad's mom, who was presently living in Puerto Rico.  Sad to say...as a Gold Star Mother, she never saw her son's name in stone, nor did she get my rubbing, she died within a year, before I was able to give it to her in person.
   I left the Wall, feeling proud, lonely and wondering if I was the only one how had visited Panel 55E, Line 6.
April 8, 1989- I arrived home from working swing shift and found a letter on the table.  It had been forwarded two times, so for me to receive it also on April 8th is a coincidence  There wasn't a return address on it, and the logo looked like that of the Junior College that I was presently attending.  I opened the letter...and it forever changed my life.
    Below is that letter....
     My grandmother never received the letter, because she had already died, and mom, she never mentioned it to me.
     A month later, on dad's DEATH ANNIVERSARY, I received a telephone call from 
Captain Ron. . .Ron remembered my dad well and wondered what had happened to the little ONE-Year old in the picture he saw my dad proudly display.  Three months later, I flew to Montana where my dream came true. . .meeting someone who knew my father, face to face.
May 24, 1968

77th Field Artillery

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