His Face ~ His Words

This is the Only Picture of have of my parents together.  This picture was taken in July 2, 1964, 2 days before my mom's 16th birthday; my dad was 17 years old.  My dad's mom, Angela is the lady to the left of him

Fort Ord, California (Jan '67)
Three months before he became a daddy.

"I love you forever and 
ever Carmen 
and the Baby.
Love always
P.S. I Love You"

Written Just before TET 1968
"From me to (you) with Love for ever and ever from your Eddie~
I Love You Carmen and Kisses for You~
I Love You~
This is the only thing I possess (the back of a photo),
that I am addressed by my name, by my father.
 I believe was taken in the later part of 1967.
"To my wife Carmen and baby Jeanette. I love you and I miss you both. 
Love Always Eddie"

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