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51st Infantry Regiment
25th Infantry Division

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 December 2002



Cpt McGregor's son Terry at The Father's Day 2000

    Dad was born in Rupert, Idaho December 22, 1933.  He is the oldest of 7 children  born to Joe and Marie McGregor.  He grew up in Paul, Idaho a little farm town in Southern Idaho.  His dad, Joe McGregor died when he was just a teenage boy.  He was involved in sports, played football and boxed.  He was talented and sang at the High School Prom.  He was Captain of the football team and President of the Class his Sr. year in High School.  Mom and dad where married right out of High School and moved to Utah so that dad could attend school.  Mom worked to help support dad through school. 
     Dad's military career started while he was still in High School.  He joined the Rupert, Idaho National Guard while he was still in High School and served there until he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to attend University of Utah ROTC Program.  Dad graduated the ROTC program as a distinguished military student and was granted his commission into the Army as an officer.
     We were stationed in Ft Benning, Georgia (55-57), Ft Ord, California (57-59) Schofield, Hawaii (59-62) and then back to Ft Benning. 
     Dad went to Vietnam in July of 1963.  He was assigned as a Military Advisor (MAAG, Advisor Team 7) to the 1st Battalion, 51st Infantry ARVN.  He was stationed in An Hoa which was 35Km from Quang Ngai.  He was killed on August 13, 1963 while conducting an operation in Baoi Le, Vietnam.

The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 25, 1963, has awarded the Silver Star, posthumously, to


For gallantry in action:

Captain Donald V. McGregor, Infantry, distinguished himself by gallantry in action while engaged in military operations on 13 August 1963.  Captain McGregor demonstrated sound judgement, fortitude, and professional competence as an infantry unit advisor to the 51st Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, Army of the Republic of Vietnam.  When a lead company of Vietnamese forces received hostile gun fire from ambush during a routine battalion operation, Captain McGregor disregarded his own personal safety, proceeded to the forward area, and advised the leading company commander in the most effective tactics and maneuvers to achieve military objectives.  His Courageous action, personal example, and dedicated devotion to duty inspired the Vietnamese officers and men to greater efforts and assured the success of the mission.  Throughout the entire day of combat operations, he rendered invaluable assistance, advice and encouragement to his Vietnamese comrades until he was mortally wounded.  Captain McGregor’s conspicuous gallantry is in the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflects great credit upon himself and the military service.

This is the only picture that we have of our father
while he was in Vietnam.
This picture was taken on August 10, 1963 
just 3 days before dad was KIA. 
The picture was taken in An Hoa (35km from Quang Ngai). 
An Hoa was dad's field base in Vietnam. 
He was assigned as the Battalion Advisor to the 

1st Battalion of the 51st Infantry Regiment ARVN. 
Dad is pictured on the right, Capt. Phuong ARVN (Middle) 
and Capt. Dennis Hanrick (Left). 
Dad was Capt. Hanrick's replacement as Advisor to the 1st Battalion.  
I would like to thanks the Hanrick Family 
for providing us with this photo.

Jerry, Terry and Charles McGregor - Photo 1963 
Jerry was 9 when dad was killed, Terry 6 and Chuck 3

Our father is buried in Paul, Idaho. Paul is where both our father and mother grew up.....they were High School sweethearts and married just after High School. 

Our mother (Leola) and Grandmother McGregor (Mary McGregor) receiving the Silver Star that was awarded to our dad.

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