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Puerto Rican
Vietnam Veterans 

These men's roots are from the "Isla Del Encanto", Puerto Rico. They served in the Vietnam War with pride. Some of these men returned home, others did not. These men were our friends, sons, brothers, husbands and fathers.

There are 345 casualties that list Puerto Rico as their "Home of Record" for the Vietnam War, this does not include those who were born there and list another state as their home of record.

Vietnam Veterans

Dads on The Wall

      SGT Eddie E. Chervony- HORMIGUEROS, PR

     SFC Angel  M. Medina-Rivera- COROZAL, PR

     SFC Francisco L. Valle

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Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor Recipients

      PFC Fernando Luis Garcia

      PFC Carols James Lozada

      CPT Euripides Rubio

      SP4 Hector Santiago-Colon

Puerto Rican Heros

Meet The Heros
       SP5 Jose D. Gutierrez-Velaz  Unit: B/1 AVN 1 INF

Special Thanks to Hispano America USA for information on the Puerto Rican MOH Receipiants.

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En Memoria de Mi Papi, SGT Eddie Chervony-
Hormigueros, Puerto Rico


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